Skater helmet for cycling

Bicycle helmet in skater design

The skateboard helmet - the cool alternative to a bicycle helmet
Are you looking for a new bike helmet? Do you want a cool design for your skater helmet that reflects your individual style, exciting, adventurous and by no means boring or average?
Then you are spot on with us! We specialize in high-quality products for real trendsetters who like unusual, unique designs. We offer you a huge selection of fashionable skateboard helmets in trendy, creative designs, with which you can make a grand appearance on the bike and become an eye-catcher on the street!
Put an end to the usual bike helmet: You will find a cool helmet that suits your individual style and optimally protects you at the same time. Regardless of whether you are on a skateboard, bicycle or roller skates, looking for a longboard helmet or an inline skate helmet: Skater helmets always go, give you the fashion-conscious, extravagant finishing touch and protect you optimally.

Why is the bicycle helmet so important and what can a bicycle helmet endure?
Bicycle helmets are primarily designed for falls at high speeds. What does a bicycle helmet do in this case? As soon as you hit the ground with a force, the hard outer shell and the hard foam padding of the helmet absorb a large part of the force - up to two thirds of the energy - and distribute it over the entire surface of the helmet.
So what's the use of a bicycle helmet? What is so important about it?
Due to the effective buffer effect, serious head injuries occur much less often in helmet wearers, while people without helmets often injure themselves severely or even fatally. Fractures of the skull, concussions, traumatic brain injuries and hemorrhages are possible consequences of accidents.
And they are anything but cool! Avoiding the helmet is an absolute no-go. If you think that a helmet doesn't fit your style, you simply haven't found the design that was tailored for you. Go on a journey of discovery with us and let yourself be convinced that there is a suitable lid for every cyclist!

What is safer a skater helmet or a bicycle helmet?
What is better a skater helmet or a bicycle helmet?
Perhaps you have often asked yourself what is different between the two helmets and what their respective advantages and disadvantages are. When it comes to skating, it can be said very clearly: bicycle helmets are not suitable for this sport because they do not protect the back of the head - but this is particularly at risk when skating because you land on them particularly quickly in the event of falls, collisions, etc.
In contrast to a bicycle helmet, the skater helmet is a so-called half-shell helmet: it covers your forehead, temples and the back of your head up to the first cervical vertebra. So you are protected against falls, collisions and other forces from all directions, your head and neck are protected all around and if there should be an accident, it will go far more lightly for you than with a bicycle helmet - or even without a helmet!
The reverse also applies to cycling: skater helmets are often safer than bicycle helmets.
Another difference is the way of ventilation: Skater helmets often have braces that are very far apart so that ventilation is not only guaranteed by the draft at high speeds, but also at slower speeds.
So your skater helmet is also suitable for bicycles and when you are asked whether you should choose a skater helmet or a bicycle helmet, you cannot go wrong with the former. In addition, a perfectly fitting skater helmet on the bike gives you that certain something.

What makes a good skater helmet?
The skater helmet must adapt exactly to your head shape; that is, he must neither push nor wiggle. At Skullcap, the name says it all: the helmet sits bombproof. Anything else would not only be dangerous, it would also be unattractive and absolutely out of fashion. If you should buy a helmet from us that does not yet fully adapt to your head shape, you can correct it with pads that you can get from us for free. Your skater helmet should hug your head so that you can hardly feel it! At the same time, it has to provide optimum protection and offer maximum comfort.
A good helmet is also breathable, so you don't sweat under it and don't suffer from heat stroke in summer. After all, you don't want to feel melted while exercising, nor do you want to look completely fixed when you take off your helmet. Our helmets have eight extra large air intakes that guarantee ample, wonderfully fresh ventilation - regardless of the wind conditions and your speed!
In addition to the design, quality is of course a top priority for us: our BMX helmets are extremely safe thanks to their hard shell made of polycarbon, which is firmly attached to the inner shell made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) - an ideal "crumple material". In this so-called "inmold process" ("hard shell" helmets), the top shell of the helmet is firmly welded to the foam. A distinction is made between selectively bonded helmets ("softshell helmets") which have a significantly lower stability.
You can use a simple test to find out what kind of helmet it is: You shouldn't feel any distance from the foam when you press on the shell. Both must form a firm and stable unit. If this is not the case, it is a softshell helmet with the disadvantages mentioned.
With the chin strap it should be noted that it must close firmly and securely and not open "by itself" (by accidental contact). You should be able to open it with one hand so that you can remove the helmet quickly and easily in an emergency. When adjusting the chin strap, make sure that a finger fits comfortably between the strap and your chin after closing.
With the straps of your helmet, you should make sure that they do not press on your ears. Because comfort is very important, especially on longer bike tours or when training for several hours, so that you feel good all around and that also radiates unmistakably.
With our infinitely and easily adjustable EASfit adjustment system you are always on the safe side.
The inner pads for padding on our helmets are removable, so you can wash them at any time. Because, of course, hygiene is also an important property of all sporting goods.

What should be considered when buying a bicycle helmet?
How do I find a good bike helmet and what is important? What does a bicycle helmet actually need? It is absolutely advisable to inform yourself well in advance so that the purchase of your helmet is a complete success, that you are fully satisfied with it and can use it for a long time. Don't forget: The better you missed your helmet, the more grandiose your charisma will be while you're wearing it!
But what does a bicycle helmet have to do now? When asked "How do I recognize a good bike helmet and what do I have to consider?" Basically, the same applies as for every helmet: it must adapt to your head shape optimally, be well ventilated and the materials must be of high quality.
Our skater helmets meet all the requirements that a helmet must meet for cycling. Therefore: Why wear a bicycle helmet when our skater helmets perfectly combine quality, safety, comfort and style?

Which bike helmet suits me?
What kind of bike helmet should you wear when cycling? Which bike helmet looks good? Which bike helmet is right for you personally?
Buying a helmet raises many questions. The correct answer is: it always depends on your personal styling and your gut feeling. Because the right bike helmet is not only a bike helmet that does not squeeze, like a glove, and ensures maximum safety, but it also has to please you really well and give it that certain something extra! Your perfect helmet forms a unit with you and your rest of the outfit, he spices it up and gives it the finishing touches.
You won't always find a bike helmet that looks good and fits your style. Or do you think that normal bicycle helmets are ugly?
Especially then it is high time to take a look around at the skater helmets instead - for maximum safety and a fashion-conscious, self-confident demeanor that exudes XNUMX% satisfaction!
How about, for example, a skater helmet with a skull, printed bullet holes or billiard balls - or another exclusive design? We have something for every taste! Whether monochrome or extravagant, shiny or matt - you will find it with Skullcap.

What should a bike helmet cost?
The prices for bike and skater helmets vary widely. Don't make the mistake of choosing price as the deciding factor in your purchase - if the quality of your helmet is not right, it is neither safe nor will you enjoy it for a long time! Your goal should be a helmet that is not only cool and stylish, but also offers you maximum protection and comfort and lasts for a long time. Always keep in mind that your helmet should accompany you for many years and should also please you during this time.
Conversely, a high price is not synonymous with good quality!
If you have read our advice carefully, you know the question "What must a bicycle helmet have?" the answers already - you now know which quality features you should absolutely pay attention to and how you can recognize a good helmet.
We offer you very good quality at a low price - because we know that money is basically scarce and do not want your decision for a great helmet to fail due to the price.

Our selection
In our offer you will find helmets for different age groups: children, teenagers and adults. Because even the little ones want an outfit that makes them look sporty and cool! Only then will they be happy to wear it voluntarily - great reassurance for the adults.
The basic requirements for a skater helmet for children do not differ from that for adults - the only decisive factor is the smaller diameter.
Our helmets for adults and teenagers from the age of 12 years cover groups of people with a head circumference between 54 and 58 cm. Our helmets for children from 3 to 11 years are suitable for a head circumference between 49 and 54 cm. Thanks to the practical, infinitely adjustable straps, you can use your helmet for a long time even if you are still growing - it virtually grows with you.
To find the right size for you, all you need is a tape measure to measure your head circumference. You put it on about an inch above your eyebrows. When ordering, you then choose between the sizes S, M and L. In brackets behind you will find the information for which head size the respective size is suitable.
There are a number of exclusive designs to choose from - Eagle, Blue Ocean, Ace of Spades, Dark World, Bullets and Monster are just a few examples.
Steal the show from the other cyclists and skaters - with your distinctive skullcap helmet!
Discover our variety today and find your perfect helmet for an unforgettable performance and just to feel great!

What our helmets are still suitable for
Skullcap helmets combine optimal protection with perfect, individual styling - no matter what kind of sport you do. They also serve you best as inliner helmets, longboard helmets and roller skate helmets. In short: you can use it for almost any sport in which the protection of your head is particularly important and you want to make a stylish appearance.

Taking care of your bike helmet and what you need to consider
Overall, our skater helmets are very easy to care for. You can remove the inner cushions and wash them in the washing machine at a maximum of 30 ° C (gentle cycle). You clean the bowl with water and detergent. You should definitely avoid other chemicals, especially aggressive substances - they can damage your valuable helmet!
You should also avoid direct exposure to heat if possible. Of course you can wear your helmet in the sun, but for storage you should choose a shady, cool place; that means neither the blazing sun nor the heating. Because long-term exposure to heat or UV light could damage the material.

Delivery time
Would you like to hold your helmet in your hands and get started right away? Since we know how reluctant to wait for something that we are really looking forward to, we pay particular attention to short delivery times: you will have your gem in your hands within one to two working days! Order today and get on your bike the day after tomorrow at the latest!