You have one on your helmet!

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Why wear a helmet at all?


And what makes a good helmet?

We'll tell you!

Usually, curiously, this term is used to indicate that that person is not quite right in the head.

Why, curiously? Well, because anyone who wears a helmet is anything but

not quite right in the head.

Because although a bicycle helmet is not compulsory in Germany, the smartest thing to do is to wear one.

Should you be out on your bike and have an accident, the probability is

on the head MIT Helmet to remain unharmed 76 %.

WITHOUT Helm, on the other hand, has this probability

just at 46 %.

Helmets 1 Bewegtgrund GmbH
Helmets 1 Bewegtgrund GmbH

Combine security with style? - It does not work? -Not possible!

A helmet that frisur not destroyed, even we at SkullCap haven't developed it yet, sorry.

But at least you can destroy your mane with us in style, because the incredibly irresistible look of ours Skate-style helmets can't beat your painstakingly draped hairstyle either.

Not just with that Bicycle you are an eye-catcher with our helmet, also for it Skateboarding, Street boarding and with the city scooter you will attract everyone's attention.

Of course, looks are not everything. Of course, SkullCap helmets are also used in conventional bicycle helmets Safety in nothing after.

Off-road or skate style?

Do you prefer to go off-track on a mountain bike? Downhill is your thing

Then check out ours Skullcap MTB helmet at! With us you will find exactly the one that suits you. Ladies watch out, because with them Skullcap FEM-Trail mountain bike helmet Do you not only steal the show from the men on the track, but you are also super clever and safe on the road.

Skater straw instead of bicycle helmet

If you prefer the casual skater look stand, then ours Skullcap bike helmet in skate look your match.

Easy on the skate or street board, stylish on the bike and the ultra eye-catcher. Oh yes, your pear will of course also be "wrapped in cotton wool" so that nothing happens during the stunt.

Your freedom starts with our almost limitless selection of the most varied and genuine weird styles at. If you can't find the one that suits you ... Oh what the heck, will not going to happen anyway.

Safety First? - What makes a safe bicycle helmet

A good helmet consists of a solid outer shell that can withstand a fall. The inner shell should be made of a material that cushions the impact and thus protects the head from major damage. Our SkullCap helmets consist of a stable polycarbonate outer shell. Polycarbonate is a plastic that is very impact-resistant and dimensionally stable. Inside, our all-rounders are equipped with expanded polystyrene, which acts like a crumple zone in the event of a fall, for example. The two components, i.e. the inner and outer shell, are then connected to one another, for which there are different methods.

In-Mold and Out-Mold -Huh?

Since these terms and what is behind them do not belong to everyday vocabulary, we would like to briefly explain the manufacturing process for our SkullCap helmets.

The In-mold process the outer shell of the helmet is firmly welded to the inside. In the event of an accident, for example, the force acting on it is significantly more reduced than with a glued helmet. In addition, such helmets are just super light. 

Our SkullCap mountain bike and all-round helmets as well as our children's helmets are made with the in-mold process. Convince yourself of the safety, quality and comfort.

Out-Mold will that Process called, in which the firm outer shell of the helmet is glued to the inner, softer shell. This happens over a large area or selectively.


Purple-pale-blue? Maybe it can be something special

Whether MTB, children's helmet or skate helmet, all SkullCap helmets agree on one point - stand out must be!

Sure, uni is chic and goes with everything, but helmets like that SkullCap Robodog or Pink mandala immediately catch the eye with their uniqueness.

We don't know boring here, even with our MTB helmets, some are quite noticeable due to their color accents.

Jump into the world of colors and choose your style.

How do I find the right bike helmet size?


Sometimes one wonders what to do with these sizes.

-Do I have a square skull or not?


- Oh, so much fits into my superbrain, I definitely need L ...


- After the haircut, I only need S.

Don't break your pretty heads, you still need them to Put on your helmet.

This is how you can find out which helmet size suits you:

  • Tape measure
  • The tape measure / alternatively, a non-stretchable cord goes over one centimeter

place on the eyebrows and measure the head circumference horizontally around the head

  • Read the result - done!
  • Oh, if you've used the string, measure the length with a long ruler, et Voila.

Um, 55cm still doesn't tell me whether I need S, M or L ??

doch, because in our shop you can read the head circumference next to the size (S, M, L).

Now all you have to do is find the right size and order!

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How is the bicycle helmet put on and adjusted correctly?

PRotect your brain

Even the best bicycle helmet is useless without a great hold.

So that you and your helmet form a unit, we give the best possible Instructions for a great teamwork.


In order to fill in the spaces between the head and the helmet shell, a SkullCap helmet comes with pads of different strengths, which can also be combined in different ways.

The main thing is that the helmet hugs your head.

If not, just try out how the helmet best fits your head shape. You can also combine thinner and thicker pads.

Adjustment wheel

You can turn the bike when the helmet is still not sitting.

Simply turn to the right to tighten the strap at the back of your head

Turned to the left there is more space for more heads.

So your SkullCap helmet fits closer to your head.


Oh yeah, and then there's the chin strap thing. If it doesn't fit, simply adjust the loop at the bottom and don't forget the chin guard (does that mean?).

As you are most comfortable, you can also slide the side straps up and down.